“The TalkPoints are so well put together that I cannot think of anything left unsaid – what a guide to a new life!”

“The format is easy – not too much to process at one time.”

“A lot of issues and thoughts and feelings that I have, I don’t clearly communicate. Writing things down allows me to do that and gives me a base from which to start talking.”

“I think the topics were great and encouraged really good thought-provoking discussions.”

“I thought it was a good thought/communication tool that required little time involvement.”

“Very uplifting”

“Concise and easy to read and understand.”

“We shared our ideas in a positive way.”

“Stimulates good things to think about and discuss.”

“It’s a nice way to break the ice and stimulate conversation.”

“Practical, thought-provoking.”

“It was quite easy to do.”

“Well thought out – brings closeness.”

“Priceless for the experience.”

“It was an exceptional experience.”

“This is a great way to renew faith as a family.”

“Helped us to start communicating again.”

“We understand each other’s expectations and beliefs better.”

“An excellent way to provide a starting point for a variety of serious topics.”

“It’s a good way to learn more about each other.”

“It’s a good opportunity to express thoughts and feelings.”

“The TalkPoints helped us to communicate with each other. We loved it!”

“It’s a guided tour through some important topics.”

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