The Communication Process

TalkPoints engage people in all four of the ways we communicate:

      • We Read
      • We Write
      • We Talk
      • We Listen


TalkPoints honor those involved in the conversation. 

Rather than telling people what they are to think or say, TalkPoints give people the 

freedom to say what they want tosay. The content is within the one who is talking, rather than on the page of the book. The talksheets suggest what they might want to talk about.

TalkPoints are in the first person.

Each statement invites the individual to speak his/her mind or heart with the 

words… “I think…”“I feel…”“I noticed…”etc.

TalkPoints work with all personalities.

  • Introverts/Extroverts: Writing is an introvert activity and talking is an extrovert activity.
  • Intuitive/Sensing: Listening is an intuitive process, while writing is a hands-on, concrete, sensing activity.
  • Thinking/Feeling: The talksheets allow people to think before they talk. The process also helps people become more aware of their feelings and share them more easily.
  • Perceiving/Judging: TalkPoints use open-ended statements, so that the perceptive person can say whatever in completing the statement. The conversations are well organized for the judging person who prefers to have things in their place.

TalkPoints literally put both people on the same page.
Each person writes on his/her own talksheet, but the content is the same on both talksheets. The result is that the amount of time each person talks is equalized. A more talkative person listens more and a more quiet person is free to talk more.

That’s why people will regularly say things like:

  • “Well thought out – brings closeness.”
  • “Excellent experience! It made me stop and think.”
  • “Appropriate and user-friendly.”
  • “Priceless for the experience.”
  • “It was an exceptional experience.”
  • “Well thought out. Creative.”
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