The TalkPoints Story

(as told by creator and author, Frank Nelson)

During the summer of 1992, our family swapped homes with friends who were living in Jerusalem. In addition to exploring the Holy Land, I was able to explore more than 100 books on the topic of friendship. The ideas and themes I discovered became the content of a doctoral thesis, Like a Tree Planted: Cultivating the Friendship Roots of Ministry. This was my thesis: Good things come from good relationships.

CHEK CircleGood relationships or “friendships” rely on CHEK which stands for Choosing, Helping, Esteeming and Knowing. We CHOOSE the relationship. We choose to HELP each other in the relationship. We ESTEEM each other and grow to KNOW and understand each other. Friends are people who CHEK each other out! The health and strength of any relationship depends on Choosing, Helping, Esteeming and Knowing each other.

After receiving the Doctor of Ministry degree in 1993 from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN, I decided to do more than just write a paper. I asked myself, “If good communication is an essential activity in building good relationships, why not create a way to make it easy for people to communicate with each other – a practical guide, a way for people to be on the same page, an easy-to-use guide for anyone who wants to have a good talk with another person?” The answer to the question became an S-Corporation established in 1995 called TalkTrips, Inc. which has been doing business as TalkPoints since 2000. Over three million conversations have been produced and sold since 1995.

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