Loaves and Fishes: A Mission Journal


This journal draws its inspiration from the story of the boy who gave his lunch of 5 loaves and 2 fish to Jesus, and his small gift was multiplied to feed the multitude of hungry people. Each of the 7 days before, 10 days during and 7 days after invites you to think about your own hunger, God’s provision, even abundant provision, and ends with the question, “What do I have to give?” Each lesson has a page of scriptures, prayers and reflection questions related to the theme for that day plus a second “Open Basket Page” for journaling, note-taking, drawing, and whatever the Lord gives you to fill your “open basket.”

The miracle of the five loaves and two fish teach us that God’s mission requires our response. We and the whole world are hungry for both physical and spiritual bread, and the Bible reminds us over and over again that God provides bread for both the body and the spirit.  ($8.50)

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Pre-Trip Themes   /   HE LANDED!   /   NOTICE PEOPLE!   /   COMPASSION!   /   LEADERSHIP   /   LEARN!   /   WELCOME!   /   BREAD OF LIFE

Mission Day Themes   /   CHALLENGE!   /   GO and SEE!   /   GENEROUS!   /   DIRECTION!   /   COMMUNITY!   /   PRAY!   /   GIVE THANKS!   /   DISCIPLES!   /   EVERYONE!   /   ABUNDANCE!

Post-Trip Themes   /   GRATITUDE!   /   GIFTS!   /   GUIDANCE!   /   SUFFERING!   /   DISCOVER!   /   NOURISHMENT!   /   CONTENT!

All TalkPoints journals feature the 7-10-7 format:

  • 7 days of devotionals before departure; up to 10 days of guided reflection at the mission site; 7 days of devotion after the trip
  • Useful for training and orientation before departure
  • Provides a guide for daily group debriefing
  • Lots of blank, open pages for personal writing and reflection
  • 64 pages and spiral bound for easy use and durability in the field
  • Only $8.50 (For mission organizations interested in a discount for bulk quantities, contact talkpoints@aol.com.)

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