The Healing Power of Writing, Talking, and Listening

By Dr. Franklin W. Nelson, President of TalkPoints

Where can I find healing and hope when I’m in the middle of grief?

Writing is a Healing and Hopeful Activity!

When we begin to write, we become much more aware of our thoughts and feelings. The paper provides a private, sacred and creative space where we can be without being judged, evaluated or criticized. We can be ourselves. Writing provides a free and open space where anything can be expressed, and in that freedom is the gift of healing.

Talking is a Healing and Hopeful Activity!

When we talk with another person, we connect and blend two lives into one. We learn what someone else thinks, experiences, values and feels. This knowledge expands our world and helps us to be more aware of what we think, value and feel. We become more than we were when we can be together in healthy conversation. And if I can take what I have written in the sacred space and give it to another person, it is a great gift of love and life.

Listening is a Healing and Hopeful Activity!

If we can listen to what another person is saying – receive, value and appreciate it – we have not only received a great gift from that person, but we have given them one of the most precious gifts of all – the gift of respect. We cannot love another if we do not respect and appreciate them, and we cannot respect them if we will not listen.

TalkPoints offer healing and hope to those experiencing grief.

Talkpoints are a resource for the healing of hearts and relationships. Each TalkPoint invites those involved to write, talk and listen, and in the writing, talking and listening, there is healing for the heart and hope for the soul We express love in our writing , talking and listening , and love has the power to heal our world. When we are grieving, our greatest hope is in the power to give and receive love.

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